Apptivity Lab, MALAYSIA
Established in 2009, Apptivity Lab is one of the first app development agencies in Malaysia. Being a pioneer in an industry set for explosive growth gave them the opportunity to work on some of Malaysian startup’s greatest hits like MyTeksi (Grab), iMoney, Says and more. Apptivity has learned a great deal from successful products and just as much with the ones that didn’t. Design plays a big role in an app’s success, and they’d love to share what they’ve learnt!
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The Design Sprint
Date : 5 Nov, 2016 • Time : 9.30am - 4.30pm • Venue : MMLab 3
When designing an app, too often people design for imaginary users in a room isolated form the real ones. When the app finally launches, all assumptions made about user behaviors fall flat and the product development goes with it. In this workshop, students will learn how to mitigate the risk of building the wrong product by getting people to interact with your app before building it. Students will gain insights to the tools and methods of app design and prototyping quickly and effectively.

Field : UX & UI for Mobile Apps
Pre-requisite : Non
Note : Please bring your own sketchbook and pen.


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